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Leadership Coaching Sessions

In-Person or Virtual Sessions

Enhanced  Collaboration 

Effective collaboration between key stakeholders that leads to enhanced business results and shared success for all. 

Facilitated by Laura Darrell, MA Leadership

  • Help your employees understand the key characteristics of other workstyles and how best to build collaborative relationships with them.

  • Learn about the value of working side-by-side with your systems frontline leaders and how that leads to healthy unit economics and overall system success.

  • Understand the hallmarks of a collaborative leadership approach and how to scale them into your organizations front lines.

All Hands In
Casual Business Meeting

Effective Communication

Be Brief. Be Bright. Be Gone.

Tactics to Enhance Your Organization’s Communication Practices

Facilitated by - Laura Darrell, MA Leadership

  • The five steps of effective verbal and written communication.

  • The importance of brevity for all channels of communication.

  • Giving effective feedback - high impact and high reward.

365 Recruitment 

Recruitment Strategy that Decreases the 'Time-to-Hire’ and Enhances Workplace Culture and Retention

Facilitated by - Laura Darrell, MA Leadership

  • The role community plays in your recruitment strategy.

  • Why the best organizations are always hiring.

  • Social media recruitment for Gen Z.

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Politician with Supporters

Situational Leadership 

Change Your Approach to Change Your Results

Facilitated by - Laura Darrell, MA Leadership

  • Learn to identify & lead through the four stages of ability.

  • Situational communication tactics that build collaborative relationships.

  • Leadership tactics that navigate organizational change.

Multi-Generational Leadership

How Coaching and Appreciative Leadership Helps You Attract and Retain Your Industry's Best Talent

Facilitated by Laura Darrell, MA Leadership

  • Who is Gen Z and what leadership style resonates with them?

  • Coaching leadership tactics that enhance performance and drive people’s development.

  • Appreciative leadership for an enhanced working culture.

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Building a Culture of Accountability

Drive Enhanced Business Results by Creating a Culture of Sustained Accountability at All Levels of Your Organization.

Facilitated by - Laura Darrell, MA Leadership

  • Understand the key differences between individual, team and leadership accountability.

  • Learn a four-stage process for delivering high impact feedback that has coaching leadership at its core.

  • How to leverage inclusive goal setting and drive clarity around the communication and execution of those goals.

Enhancing Leadership Skills Together

Leadership is an action, not a position.

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