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Nurture the Talent Within

To attract and retain the best talent available in your industry, implementing a system that supports the growth and development of your workforce is key. While many expensive 'talent management' tools and software exist, it's often cost-prohibitive to medium and small-size organizations, and in a large organization, the battle for HR budget is never-ending. Today's blog post is centered on a simple process that you can use at your organization that costs zero dollars to implement. Let's dive in!!

Step One - 360 Performance Reviews

This style of performance review is the most beneficial when contemplating creating a coaching culture; it has three main parts.

  1. Speak to 3 or 4 key individuals who work closely with the person you are completing the review for. Block 30 minutes of time with each and ask them the same three questions (below). Once you've completed the conversations, complete your own assessment with the same three questions, add any hard metrics like projects delivered, sales attainment to quota etc., and then pull out the themes from the feedback and put them into your performance review form.

  • What does Laura do in her role as xxx that stands out and makes her someone you want to work with?

  • What could Laura add to her practice as an xxx that would help her add even more value to the team/clients etc.?

  • What could Laura remove from her practice as an xxx tomorrow that no one would miss?

Step Two - Self-Review

Send over the self-review form to the employee and ask them to reflect on the year gone by and answer the same questions as above.

Step Three - Performance Discussion

Book an hour to meet with your employee and discuss all the themes that came out of their self-review and peer/leader feedback. Start with what the employee does really well that was recognized by their peers and by you, their leader. This starts the conversation off in a positive direction which is important when using the appreciative leadership style.

Step Four - Development Planning

Book a follow-up one-hour meeting with the employee to discuss key areas for them to develop in that year - two or three goals maximum is key. Align on tools and resources needed to support their development and review the 'accountability to the plan' process, which entails monthly development check-ins to review progress, discuss roadblocks, and brainstorm ways to apply the new knowledge or tools into their day-to-day roles.

That's it!! You don't need fancy programs to help people develop in their roles. Implementing a process like this helps you to build a deep bench for the organization and provides employees with what they want most, relevant performance feedback, and coaching and support in developing the needed skillsets to advance in their careers. All the tools I've referenced in this post area available as FREE downloads on my website, and as always, if you need help or have questions, send me a note; I'm happy to help support you!!

Want a deeper dive? Pick up a copy of my book, The Great Resignation - How a Culture of Coaching and Appreciation Can Help You Win the War for Talent - here - The Great Resignation: How a Culture of Coaching and Appreciative Leadership Can Help You Win the War for Talent: Darrell - MA Leadership, Laura: 9798355331986: Books -

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