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Most people do NOT work in a 'People First Utopia"....who advocates for their careers??

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

During my recent podcast interview on the RecruitmentFlex with Serge Boudreau and Shelley Billinghurst, I had an a-ha moment, and it was a big one. We were discussing my book, The Great Resignation – How a Culture of Appreciation and Coaching Can Help You Win the War for Talent, when Shelley mentioned that what I described in my book was basically a workplace utopia. I mean, who wouldn't want to work at an organization that made you feel appreciated for your hard work and recognized all of your contributions to the company? Who wouldn't value having a manager who ensured you had access to professional development programs, valuable feedback, access to mentors, and advanced training? When you put it all together like that, it absolutely sounds like utopia, and it got my mind turning about what happens to the majority of us who end up working in organizations that look and feel somewhat different than this. What about everyone who works for a manager who, best case, is more focused on their career success and worst case, is actively trying to block your career advancement?

Shelly's comment plunged me headfirst into research for my new book, The Promotability Gap – The REAL Reasons You're Not Advancing in Your Career and What YOU Can Do About It, which debuted on Amazon's top ten list last week. My new book is geared towards everyone who DOES NOT work in utopia with a manager dedicated to their professional development and career advancement. Part one highlights the top reasons people fail to advance in their careers, their promotability gaps, so to speak. Part two is about specific self-development tactics you can use to close those gaps, enhancing the likelihood of career advancement. It has a well-curated list of almost 100 books, TedTalks, Podcasts, free online courses, and self-practice exercises that cost little to no money to implement. It takes the very best of all my years developing people and teams at some of the most iconic brands of our time and matches it up with research from other senior executives who've done the same in the retail, hospitality, financial, government, and marketing and communication, sectors. It truly is the most authoritative guide on how people can take the progression of their careers into their own hands.

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