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Episode 53 - Laura Darrell Discusses Wooden on Leadership - The Book Leads - June 7, 2023

Episode 53: Laura Darrell & Wooden on Leadership by John Wooden In this episode you'll find two leadership coaches geeking out on all-things-leadership, exchanging notes, experiences, and insights on what we hope leadership can become.

Laura’s journey begins with the immigrant story of her parents and the mindset they brought with them in their migration to Canada. She shares with me here the stories behind the mindset triad that has lead to the hard work and determination she’s lived in her career: (1) Be positive; (2) Have incredible work ethic; and (3) Understand the power of freedom to create what it is you want. You can tell Laura lives the lessons she learned from her parents, picked up along the way in her career, and gleaned from Coach Wooden’s book. The book itself is one with transformative lessons, setting the example for what we all can do for others in their lives and work. Listen to the entire episode here.....Episode 53: ⁠Laura Darrell⁠ & ⁠Wooden on Leadership by John Wooden⁠ - The Book Leads: Impactful Books For Life & Leadership | Podcast on Spotify

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International Franchise Expo Returns to New York City - The Vision Times - June 2, 2023

“We take a deep dive into the operational results from a franchisor’s perspective,” says host Laura Darrell of Leadership Consulting. “It’s pretty common to have regional management oversee a territory of locations, and it’s their responsibility to get out into the field to assess how the brands are doing in delivering a consistent customer experience, which is what great brands are built on.”

But Darrell — who has penned several books on business consulting and operations — says efficient franchising is key in helping entrepreneurs achieve success. “Think of the Starbucks of the world, or the Apples of the world,” says Darrell, adding, “It doesn’t matter where you are, you go into those locations, and you expect to receive the same level of customer service and experience.” Read the article here....International Franchise Expo Returns to New York City, Drawing In Entrepreneurs From All Over the Globe - Vision Times


The Importance of Community to Franchisee Success - International Franchise Expo, NYC - June 2023

In this session, Laura shares her knowledge and experience working with both franchisors and franchisees to strengthen their ties into both their local community and their online community. Learn how your community presence helps you to enhance your local marketing efforts, build partnerships that embed you and your business into the local community fabric and can help you attract talent in difficult hourly labor markets across North America. Join her as she discusses practical tactics and strategies with a panel of guests. Watch the entire session here....IFE2023 Panel: "The Importance of Community Connections to Franchisee Success" - YouTube

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The Path to Growth for Single-Unit Franchisees - - April 2023

Becoming a multi-unit franchisee is a goal many single-unit operators set out to achieve when joining a franchised organization. According to FRANdata, it has become the preferred strategy for more than half (54%) of those currently in a franchised system. It’s not difficult to understand why. Not only does it make great economic sense as it’s a quicker path to generating wealth, but it often takes the owner out of the day-to-day management of one business unit and puts them into an oversight role of multiple locations. Additionally, it can help to protect and diversify your assets by splitting your financial interests across multiple sites. Read more at.....The Path to Growth for Single-Unit Franchisees (

Multi Unit growth Frnachising.jpg

Local Marketing Programs That Work - - April 2023

Over the years, I’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly related to franchisees’ local marketing efforts. Local marketing can have a huge impact on your business results when done right and does not conflict with national promotions designed by the franchisor with your marketing dollars. The best franchisees understand that less is more regarding their local efforts, and that a consistent approach is required to build customer loyalty. Choosing your programs carefully and then letting them gain traction over time is necessary to succeed at the local marketing level. Read more at.....Local Marketing Programs That Work (

Local Marketing

How to Attract Gen Z to Your Franchise - The Franchise Wire - April 2023 - as featured by the International Franchise Association

With over 790,000 franchised business units in the U.S., and more than 75,000 in Canada, North America dominates the world in the overall number of franchises. That trajectory is continuing to grow. While this is terrific news for franchisors and the economy overall, a forecasted growth rate of almost 2% in 2023 poses the question, where will all these new franchisees come from? Read more at.....How to Attract Gen Z to Your Franchise – FranchiseWire

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Aaron Lee with Laura Darrell - From Fry Cook to Franchise Leader -  The Next Generation Leader Podcast - March 2023

From fry cook to franchise executive, Laura’s first steps on her career path led her to truly transformational people leadership. After stops at major restaurants and retailers like Boston Pizza, A&W, White Spot, Apple and Starbucks, Laura has shifted gears and has accolades like top-selling leadership author and international guest speaker on her resume....take a listen here Episode 37 - From Fry Cook to Franchise Leader: Lessons in People Leadership with Laura Darrell | New Generation Leader

Franchisee Focus on Workplace Culture Helps Drive Employee Retention - - March 2023

The past 2 years have seen the highest number of employee resignations since people started tracking this data in 2000, and franchised business units were not immune. Employees are tired of working at companies that make them feel undervalued, underdeveloped, and ultimately uncared for by their more at Franchisee Focus on Workplace Culture Helps Drive Employee Retention (

Recruitment Practices That Drive Franchisee Success - - February 2023

It’s no secret that hiring for entry-level positions in the retail and hospitality markets across North America has become incredibly difficult with historically low unemployment in many areas. Add the complexities of trying to woo workers back to these jobs in a post-Covid world, and the situation only worsens. We’ve seen countless stories of ever-climbing starting wages, signing bonuses, and many other benefits to bring back workers. While some businesses may have deep enough pockets to compete in this nature, that isn’t the case for many franchisees who operate in these more at Recruitment Practices That Drive Franchisee Success (


Franchise Owners Can Improve Sales and Recruiting Efforts with Increased Community Involvement - Franchise Wire - March 2023

The one area of the franchised business model I consistently see as an opportunity amongst the franchise community, regardless of the brand, is a need for more focus on deepening ties into the community the franchisee operates more at The Importance of Community Connections to Franchisee Success | FranchiseWire

What Drove The Great Resignation W/Laura Darrell - Recruitment Flex Podcast - September 2022

This week we welcome Laura Darrell, author of The Great Resignation: How coaching and leadership can help you win war for talent. Bringing the credibility of real-life experience and impressive credentials, Laura’s new book explores the underlying drivers of the great resignation. She brings us the insights from global research that is undeniable. Laura shares what millennials and GenZ are demanding from their leadership. It’s so simple yet so overlooked.


On this episode you will get this: the number 1 reason The Great Resignation happened (is still happening) is …. People have options like never before in the history of work. The fall out of working from home and job seekers want quality work.....take a listen here The Recruitment Flex: What Drove The Great Resignation W/Laura Darrell on Apple Podcasts

Hanna with Laura Darrell on the Promotability Gap - Reaching your Goals Podcast - February 2023

My guest today is Laura Darrell. Laura is a leadership author, speaker, educator, and former operations and training senior executive. She is known for her commitment to an organizational culture rooted in coaching, development, and appreciation. She has over 25 years of experience leading people and teams at companies such as Starbucks, Apple, or Boston Pizza International, to name just a few. Laura just published her second book “The promotability gap: the real reasons you’re not advancing in your career and what you can do about it”. This is also what we will focus on today! Why do people stagnate in their careers? What’s the secret to get their careers rolling again? Take a listen here Reaching your Goals: Hanna with Laura Darrell on the promotability gap on Apple Podcasts

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