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About laura darrell

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Author, speaker, and advocate for organizational health.

Laura's Story

Leadership is Laura's jam; it's what she loves to do. She's spent almost three decades working on her craft, leading people, teams, and departments at some of the most beloved brands of our time, like Apple, Starbucks, A&W, White Spot, and Boston Pizza Restaurants. Her time spent working in senior leadership roles at these iconic brands, helped her gain valuable perspective about what it takes to be the best in your industry and how to translate those principles into a franchised system.

Her practical hands-on experience working with both in the field and at head office has been enhanced by her formal education, a master's degree in leadership from Royal Roads University where she undertook a capstone research project analyzing the multi-disciplinary stakeholder relationships. Using a multi-method research approach, she aimed to understand from both perspectives what success looks like in the critical areas of field support at the individual business-unit level, and how meaningful communication and points of engagement with individual business unit leaders leads to a more collaborative and positive working relationship. During her research, she learned of many examples of successful collaborative initiatives within a system of almost 400 units and over $1B in system sales and many examples of otherwise. Times when unit leaders felt unsupported and like their ideas and concerns went unheard, leading to feelings of frustration and helplessness.


Business unit leaders and head office professionals are often times cut from two different cloths, yet they work together in an interdependent system. Her passion lies in bringing these stakeholder groups and their teams together, using an appreciative leadership approach, to help them build collaborative working relationships that lead to enhanced business outcomes for all.

Speaking Engagement Requests

Laura is always looking for new and exciting opportunities to get in front of leaders at all levels of the organization, franchised and otherwise, to talk about all thing's related to collaboration, enhanced leadership practice and building organizational health. Connect with her today.

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